Clarity Mail

Integrity Cymru’s Hybrid Mail Service

Here at Integrity Cymru we have designed Clarity Mail to deliver an agile and responsive service for our clients who are looking to outsource their desktop mail, all whilst reducing costs and increasing efficiency at the click of a button. 

With our secure solutions, you are able to submit any documents that are created on your desktop through our encrypted file transfer process, no matter where you are working from.

As long as you submit your documents by 5pm, Clarity Mail will process, print and mail them out from our secure print and mail facility. Clients are then able to access production printing rates and volume postal discounts due to the high volume of secure mail that we process each day.

What Is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid mail is a cheap and effective solution to sending out mail to your customers. You simply create your letter or document and upload it to our portal and we will print it out the send it off the very same day. Due to the high volume of mass mailing sent through Clarity Mail, you get access to our exclusive mailing discounts making this hybrid mailing solution cheaper and easier for all of our customers.

What Is Clarity Mail?

Clarity Mail is Integrity Cymru’s bespoke hybrid mail platform, also known as a “desktop to print” solution that allows organisations to print and mail millions of letters at the click of a button. We’ve taken traditional hybrid mail and developed a solution that makes it even easier for our customers to send mass documents and letters in a streamlined way. Our platform is encrypted for security and all letters are barcoded and enclosed on automated mailing lines. These lines track each individual sheet of paper to ensure all letters are fulfilled with 100% accuracy.

What Are The Benefits of Clarity Mail

Clarity Mail is the simplest way to send mass mailings to your customers. With our secure software and facility you can ensure that all your data and communications are in safe hands. We also do all our mailings on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning you aren’t tied to any contract or licence. Our innovative solution to hybrid mailing takes it a step further than our competitors, making it easier than ever before to send your mail with 100% confidence every time.

Man reaching for a large brown envelope filed in pigeon holes at a mail depot in a close up on his arm and the post

Outsource your desktop print and mail to our secure Clarity Mail service

As our service is delivered on a pay as you go basis, there is no licence or contract, with clients sending a mix of single letters through to mail merge files of several thousand records.

All of our letters are securely barcoded and enclosed on automated mailing lines that can track each sheet of paper to ensure your letters are fulfilled with 100% accuracy, providing unrivalled service.

The Clarity Mail service offers a reliable, secure and responsive service that allows you to add in a postage paid Business Reply Envelope and we then scan and send you electronic copies of any responses we may receive, which is known as Clarity Response.

  • Outsource your desktop mail whilst reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Submit documents through our encrypted file transfer process.
  • Same day Clarity Mail process, print and mailing.
  • A pay as you go basis service.
  • Securely barcoded and enclosed letters on automated mailing lines

Does this sound interesting for your business? You can contact us via phone, email, or through our Contact Us section which can be found here.


Integrity Print Sponsors Crispin School Student’s Nepal Trip

Integrity Print, sister division of Integrity Cymru, is very pleased to be able to sponsor Rose Sharland, daughter of Avalon Waste Management Director David Sharland, on her upcoming school trip to Nepal later this year. This trip will involve her undertaking an impressive long hike through the mountains of Nepal.

Rose will be departing on her trip on the 19th July this year and will be travelling for sixteen days. She will join pupils from both her own school, Crispin in Street, and nearby St Dunstan’s school in Glastonbury.

Their journey will begin by flying to Kathmandu via Singapore. The first two days will be spent in Kathmandu visiting markets and buying supplies for the hike. From the capital, they will travel to rural Nepal and stay with a farming family. As part of their school learning, they will learn how organic farming in Nepal fits into the sustainable tourism that they offer to travellers and will have the opportunity to help with the day to day tasks of the farm.

Once finished on the farm, they will begin the next part of their journey, a hike through the Himalayas. The hike will last for several days and involve staying in remote mountain cabins. Rose and her colleagues will have an incredible opportunity to experience the wildlife, scenery, and landscapes of Nepal.

This would not have been possible without the efforts Rose has made to fund the trip for herself. She has displayed an amazing work ethic by raising money in a variety of ways. Rose has found weekly work in both her local garden nursery and with a catering company. She has sown hundreds of seeds to be sold at her local farm shop, along with growing over a hundred pumpkin plants to be sold for Halloween.

Rose working in a kitchen

But that is not all. From collecting money from the Glastonbury carnival, to running raffles for hampers, using her crafting skills to create and sell Christmas cards, and organising a family bingo night, Rose has demonstrated her incredible determination in raising money. Still to come, she even has plans for another bingo night, more plant sales and also the sale of homemade Easter cards during Spring.

Chief Executive Officer of Integrity Print, Mark Cornford, was impressed by her fund-raising efforts and wanted to offer further support:

“I feel excited for Rose and the prospect of such an amazing adventure. I believe it will benefit her and her fellow explorers but also the families and people that they will meet in Nepal. I think what she is doing is highly commendable, I am proud to support Rose on this incredible journey”.

Rose with her grown pumpkins, and homemade Christmas cards

We at Integrity wish you the best of luck, Rose!

Stay tuned to find out how Rose gets on in her continued fundraising, and for updates for when she begins her amazing journey.


Alliances Labels Launches Rebranded Logo and Website

Alliance Labels, a division of the Integrity Group and sister company to Integrity Cymru, has recently rebranded both its logo and website. In this latest blog, we wanted to shine a spotlight on them and the labelling services they offer in Wales.

In 2022, Alliance updated their website and logo to better reflect their brand image.

Who Are Alliance Labels?

Alliance Labels is a dedicated team of label printers based in the heart of Cardiff. They specialise in the fast turnaround of short to medium-run labels for their customers. From complicated to colourful, the business has broad experience across all forms of print which enables them to deliver a multitude of print and packaging solutions.

What Services Do They Offer?

Chemical Labels: From accurately conveying ingredients and warnings, or conforming to BS5609 Standards, Alliance has got you covered.

Barcode Labels: Alliance Labels has its own in-house software that enables them to create barcodes from scratch, ranging from EAN13, UPC and QR to consecutively numbered barcodes.

Food and Drink Labels: Alliance’s expert printers will stop at nothing until your labels make the best impression for your business once they hit store shelves.

Logistics: Whether sending a box of cakes to friends or running a national courier network, Alliance can help transform deliveries to become more efficient than ever.

Manufacturing Labels: Labelling that is designed to make sure that your factory is running as smoothly as possible, with a range of warning and advisory labels.

Retail: It is important to make your in-store products stand out from the crowd with your own bespoke labels. Whether you need to discreetly label an expensive jacket, or proudly declare that everything must go, Alliance will have the labelling solution for you.

Why Have They Rebranded?

Alliance Labels has undertaken the rebranding exercise as it forms part of their plan to deliver their services to a wider range of customers.

“We are still the Alliance Labels that you know and (hopefully) love, however, we wanted to reflect how the business is evolving, using technology to increase efficiency and deliver even greater reliability.”

In addition to the rebranding, they are implementing a new MIS system, which involves moving away from individual spreadsheets and embracing a game-changing, centralised cloud system. Along with an expanded product offering, such as thermal and digital print, the Alliance team will have more time to focus on customer engagement and delivery of service.

How Can I Reach Alliance Labels?

If you have not checked it out already, or wish to contact the Alliance team, you can view their new website here.

Stay tuned right here for more updates!

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