Integrity Print Sponsors Crispin School Student’s Nepal Trip

Integrity Print, sister division of Integrity Cymru, is very pleased to be able to sponsor Rose Sharland, daughter of Avalon Waste Management Director David Sharland, on her upcoming school trip to Nepal later this year. This trip will involve her undertaking an impressive long hike through the mountains of Nepal.

Rose will be departing on her trip on the 19th July this year and will be travelling for sixteen days. She will join pupils from both her own school, Crispin in Street, and nearby St Dunstan’s school in Glastonbury.

Their journey will begin by flying to Kathmandu via Singapore. The first two days will be spent in Kathmandu visiting markets and buying supplies for the hike. From the capital, they will travel to rural Nepal and stay with a farming family. As part of their school learning, they will learn how organic farming in Nepal fits into the sustainable tourism that they offer to travellers and will have the opportunity to help with the day to day tasks of the farm.

Once finished on the farm, they will begin the next part of their journey, a hike through the Himalayas. The hike will last for several days and involve staying in remote mountain cabins. Rose and her colleagues will have an incredible opportunity to experience the wildlife, scenery, and landscapes of Nepal.

This would not have been possible without the efforts Rose has made to fund the trip for herself. She has displayed an amazing work ethic by raising money in a variety of ways. Rose has found weekly work in both her local garden nursery and with a catering company. She has sown hundreds of seeds to be sold at her local farm shop, along with growing over a hundred pumpkin plants to be sold for Halloween.

Rose working in a kitchen

But that is not all. From collecting money from the Glastonbury carnival, to running raffles for hampers, using her crafting skills to create and sell Christmas cards, and organising a family bingo night, Rose has demonstrated her incredible determination in raising money. Still to come, she even has plans for another bingo night, more plant sales and also the sale of homemade Easter cards during Spring.

Chief Executive Officer of Integrity Print, Mark Cornford, was impressed by her fund-raising efforts and wanted to offer further support:

“I feel excited for Rose and the prospect of such an amazing adventure. I believe it will benefit her and her fellow explorers but also the families and people that they will meet in Nepal. I think what she is doing is highly commendable, I am proud to support Rose on this incredible journey”.

Rose with her grown pumpkins, and homemade Christmas cards

We at Integrity wish you the best of luck, Rose!

Stay tuned to find out how Rose gets on in her continued fundraising, and for updates for when she begins her amazing journey.


Alliances Labels Launches Rebranded Logo and Website

Alliance Labels, a division of the Integrity Group and sister company to Integrity Cymru, has recently rebranded both its logo and website. In this latest blog, we wanted to shine a spotlight on them and the labelling services they offer in Wales.

In 2022, Alliance updated their website and logo to better reflect their brand image.

Who Are Alliance Labels?

Alliance Labels is a dedicated team of label printers based in the heart of Cardiff. They specialise in the fast turnaround of short to medium-run labels for their customers. From complicated to colourful, the business has broad experience across all forms of print which enables them to deliver a multitude of print and packaging solutions.

What Services Do They Offer?

Chemical Labels: From accurately conveying ingredients and warnings, or conforming to BS5609 Standards, Alliance has got you covered.

Barcode Labels: Alliance Labels has its own in-house software that enables them to create barcodes from scratch, ranging from EAN13, UPC and QR to consecutively numbered barcodes.

Food and Drink Labels: Alliance’s expert printers will stop at nothing until your labels make the best impression for your business once they hit store shelves.

Logistics: Whether sending a box of cakes to friends or running a national courier network, Alliance can help transform deliveries to become more efficient than ever.

Manufacturing Labels: Labelling that is designed to make sure that your factory is running as smoothly as possible, with a range of warning and advisory labels.

Retail: It is important to make your in-store products stand out from the crowd with your own bespoke labels. Whether you need to discreetly label an expensive jacket, or proudly declare that everything must go, Alliance will have the labelling solution for you.

Why Have They Rebranded?

Alliance Labels has undertaken the rebranding exercise as it forms part of their plan to deliver their services to a wider range of customers.

“We are still the Alliance Labels that you know and (hopefully) love, however, we wanted to reflect how the business is evolving, using technology to increase efficiency and deliver even greater reliability.”

In addition to the rebranding, they are implementing a new MIS system, which involves moving away from individual spreadsheets and embracing a game-changing, centralised cloud system. Along with an expanded product offering, such as thermal and digital print, the Alliance team will have more time to focus on customer engagement and delivery of service.

How Can I Reach Alliance Labels?

If you have not checked it out already, or wish to contact the Alliance team, you can view their new website here.

Stay tuned right here for more updates!


Integrity Print Sponsors Swansea University Varsity Cricket Matches

Integrity Print, the main division for the Integrity Group, has sponsored Swansea University’s Cricket Club Women’s and Men’s teams, as they played in the Welsh Varsity 2022 matches. The matches took place at Ynystawe Cricket Club for the Women’s team and St Helens’ Rugby and Cricket Ground for the Men’s team back in May 2022. While Integrity Print’s logo is found on the team’s kit, we at Integrity Cymru are proud to be a part of their sporting journeys.

Prys Jenkins, Integrity Cymru’s MD, describes the newest division:
“Integrity Cymru is the group’s newest division for Welsh operations. It supports its partners to communicate in the most effective and targeted way to its customer base. Our customer-centric approach is geared towards ensuring we deliver value, return on investments and both meaningful and responsive outcomes. The business prides itself on understanding customers’ unique journeys and delivering excellence in everything that we do. Our goal is to help organisations elevate and deliver real and tangible value as a strategic part of their decision making.”

Varsity sports involve the main or first teams of a college or university competing against each other in a variety of different sports, often leading to intense rivalries and outstanding engagement.

Source: JD Photography

The Women’s team played in their fixture against Cardiff University on Tuesday 27th of April 2022. Throughout the day, they batted magnificently and bowled accurately, and after a hard-fought battle, they were victorious. The Swansea Men’s Team played the following day and despite an excellent effort from all involved, Cardiff University secured the win.

Many at Integrity Print and Cymru are passionate about sport and were pleased to be able to contribute to the success and excitement of the Varsity matches.

Integrity Print’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Cornford, comments:
“My daughter Grace is in her second year of Swansea University, and she is a keen cricketer. She is a senior player on the team and I wanted to be able to show my support for her and her teammates. The other connection is that I attended Swansea Uni 1984-87, played rugby, and witnessed a superb sporting culture and some outstanding achievements whilst there. Swansea University remains very strong in rugby and sport in general.

We at Integrity support and encourage health and well-being, team sports, endeavour, a celebration of success, and lessons learned in life and sport. I wanted to give a bit back to my old Uni, show my support to Grace and at the same time use the sponsorship in some small way to raise the profile of Integrity Cymru.”

Well done to all involved in these games, we wish you the best of luck in your next year!

Source: JD Photography

Integrity Cymru is always looking to make valuable and positive contributions both locally and nationally. Stay tuned for more updates!


Introducing Our New Website

Integrity Cymru is pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Since our division’s founding earlier this year, we have been hard at work creating a website that reflects the values and services we can offer to our clients. If this is your first time visiting our page, then let us give you a proper introduction… At Integrity Cymru, we help to create relevant, responsive, and targeted interactions between our clients and their customers. In other words, we help make the communications you have between yourselves and your own clients to be smooth and efficient. We provide this through different mediums such as physical postage, web communications, and email exchanges. We recognise that the unique challenge you may face is that your operations take place in highly regulated markets. Our teams that work in these different sectors can provide reliable expertise made to support your long-term business goals and operational strategies. So, what are the main highlights of our brand-new website? These include:
  • Services: This section delves into the different services we can offer, such as Print Communication and Text Communication. We hope this gives you an idea of the variety of different solutions we can tailor to accommodate your unique needs.
  • Sectors: To understand how we can help you means understanding the regulated market you are in. We are currently operating in the Public Sector, Private Sector, and Housing & Accommodation Sector. In each of these sectors, we delve into how we can assist with actions like managing physical and digital interactions, adhering to stringent regulatory demands, and transforming rent and service charge mailings to be as streamlined as possible.
We have built this website with customer experience being a key factor. We want prospects to be able to easily navigate our website and find out the information that they need as fast as possible. As technology continues to change, we will naturally look to keep up with the most modern and efficient ways to allow ourselves to communicate with you. As we continue to grow, we’ll ensure we do the best we can to support you. Integrity Cymru is excited to share this future with you, stay tuned for more news and updates! To find out more about our offering and how we can help your business, feel free to get in touch with us.
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