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March 1, 2023

Clarity Mail

Our Bespoke Hybrid Mail Solution

Integrity Cymru’s Hybrid Mail Service

Here at Integrity Cymru we have designed Clarity Mail to deliver an agile and responsive service for our clients who are looking to outsource their desktop mail, all whilst reducing costs and increasing efficiency at the click of a button. 

With our secure solutions, you are able to submit any documents that are created on your desktop through our encrypted file transfer process, no matter where you are working from.

As long as you submit your documents by 5pm, Clarity Mail will process, print and mail them out from our secure print and mail facility. Clients are then able to access production printing rates and volume postal discounts due to the high volume of secure mail that we process each day.

What Is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid mail is a cheap and effective solution to sending out mail to your customers. You simply create your letter or document and upload it to our portal and we will print it out the send it off the very same day. Due to the high volume of mass mailing sent through Clarity Mail, you get access to our exclusive mailing discounts making this hybrid mailing solution cheaper and easier for all of our customers.

What Is Clarity Mail?

Clarity Mail is Integrity Cymru’s bespoke hybrid mail platform, also known as a “desktop to print” solution that allows organisations to print and mail millions of letters at the click of a button. We’ve taken traditional hybrid mail and developed a solution that makes it even easier for our customers to send mass documents and letters in a streamlined way. Our platform is encrypted for security and all letters are barcoded and enclosed on automated mailing lines. These lines track each individual sheet of paper to ensure all letters are fulfilled with 100% accuracy.

What Are The Benefits of Clarity Mail

Clarity Mail is the simplest way to send mass mailings to your customers. With our secure software and facility you can ensure that all your data and communications are in safe hands. We also do all our mailings on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning you aren’t tied to any contract or licence. Our innovative solution to hybrid mailing takes it a step further than our competitors, making it easier than ever before to send your mail with 100% confidence every time.

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Outsource your desktop print and mail to our secure Clarity Mail service

As our service is delivered on a pay as you go basis, there is no licence or contract, with clients sending a mix of single letters through to mail merge files of several thousand records.

All of our letters are securely barcoded and enclosed on automated mailing lines that can track each sheet of paper to ensure your letters are fulfilled with 100% accuracy, providing unrivalled service.

The Clarity Mail service offers a reliable, secure and responsive service that allows you to add in a postage paid Business Reply Envelope and we then scan and send you electronic copies of any responses we may receive, which is known as Clarity Response.

Does this sound interesting for your business? You can contact us via phone, email, or through our Contact Us section which can be found here.

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